KLL is a leading civic-tech company based out of Nepal. Founded in 2013, primarily, to advance the Open Mapping movement, we have trained and engaged thousands of people from Nepal and other Asian countries in mapping their local communities in OpenStreetMap (OSM). The massive 7.8Mw Nepal earthquake in 2015 was our testimony which we successfully fared. We coordinated both the global and local mapping work, and connected it to the lifesaving on-the-ground needs. It is recognized as one of the most successful use cases of Open Mapping in disaster response so far.

As a social enterprise, we provide data and technology solutions to governments, development partners, businesses and civil society. KLL supported the Government of Nepal by developing a tech system to conduct the world’s largest post-disaster mobile data collection effort. We trained over 2500 engineers to use the system and coordinated their field work. Damages to over a million buildings were assessed and over 500,000 buildings have been reconstructed using this data. In recognition of this and other works, KLL has received several national and international awards. We have also been featured in world’s leading news outlets.


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